Ice swimming and ice floating in Lake Saimaa


Do not let the winter stop you from taking a dip in the clear waters of Lake Saimaa. Thrill seekers don’t let ice and snow deter them but instead dive through the hole in the ice to the frigid waters of Lake Saimaa. Would you dare to try it? Ice swimming and ice floating in Savonlinna is the most refreshing experience! Warm up in the sauna before you go and again after your swim. For those not so keen on the icy waters, we have indoor swimming pools and spas.

During the winter, you can also try ice floating at Lake Saimaa. You will be cosy inside a big specialised floating suit while you bob harmlessly amongst bits of ice in the lake, just like the endangered Saimaa ringed seal.

During the winter, you can also swim inside in Savonlinna. Our area has many spas and indoor swimming pools for you to choose from in swimming halls and spas. Additionally, at swimming halls and spas you can relax in different styles of saunas, get spa treatments like massages and try different sports and leisure activities.