Sulosaari – a pretty island for walking in the center of SavonlinnaSavonlinnan ulkoilureitit- ja alueet

Sulosaari is a small pretty island in the center of Savonlinna behind Casino-island. The trail for walking on the island is accessible and suitable for everybody. There is a cooking shelter and a lean-to on the island and also a cosy crepe-cafe Kalliolinna. The house of the cafe was built 1899 and it was one of the summer homes for the Saint Olaf`s sanatoriums guests.
Despite the fact that Sulosaari-island is in the center of the city, it is located far from the city noise.

The trail takes walkers through a beautiful lakeland scenery. There are a lot of places for relaxing. You can also jump into the water and swim in Saimaa.
How to get to Sulosaari? You need to go to Casino-island and walk past the parking place, and then walk over a pretty wooden bridge to the island.

Sulosaari is also fine for walking the dog.

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Savonlinnan ulkoilureitit- ja alueet
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